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Heavy Memories

By: Half-Face Games on December 1, 2018

What do you know about war? It isn't fun. It isn't a game. Just suffering. Casualties. And pain. And...

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Fact sheet


Experience the horrors of war through the stories of a tank crew member in the infirmary. His memories will guide you through the significant events of his military service to the tragedy that happened on the last mission. Each memory is an encounter with the enemy, in which the tank team has participated. Take the control of one of the four unlockable battle tanks to rush through memory flashbacks!

This is the best reinvention of the famous NES game Battle City! Classic top down view, destructible walls, powerups, new environment and enemies, as well as the ability to complete the game on various types of tanks!


Dev story

We have started this game at one of the game jams. The jam's genre was "action tanks game", and the theme was "What burns - never returns". At the first look, the theme choice was an absurdity, since any warfare game can implement that. But then, the jam organizer have explained: "I want you to make a game that shows the horrors of wars"...
And we've got burning with the idea of mixing the classic Battle City gameplay with a storyline about the horrors of war. The concept of making a tank warfare game which shows the war from the BAD side was paradoxical. We have achieved this narrative by creating such missions which would force the player into doing things which you wouldn't want to do at a real battlefield. The goal was to make a game not about warfare hero, but about a man who deeply feels the tragedy.
This game is mostly socially oriented, it's intended to show how horrifying war is.


Release Trailer: Download
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Download all the screenshots as a .zip (the zip contains much more art than shown on the page). Click on a screenshot to enlarge.

Key art and illustrations

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Music is an important part of the Heavy Memories experience! A few samples:

Complete OST is now available:


Reviews are very important for us at the current stage. We mindfully watch and read all the reviews, gather the feedback and improve the game! Below are most important reviews for us: