Cold Silence : Press Kit


By: Half-Face Games on Otober 14, 2020

Smarter than regular sokoban!

You have arrived at the Sig.NULL press page!

Fact sheet


It's a sokoban game where you have to control the drones and use their abilities to solve puzzles. The game world has many hidden features which you have to explore, to complete the game.

Step by step learn the rules of dark cybernetic world to solve 100+ unique challenges!


Dev story

The story of development starts at 2016 when our eye has catched the game Signal, written on puzzle-script engine. It was so cool that I asked the author [Arrogant Gamer] permission to make extended version with more puzzles and features. And work started.
3 months we have been making this game. Thanks to Arrogant Gamer for consultation and levels review. It was a cool time! Game was released as freeware.
At 2018 We have received offer for Steam release. We have added new location UNALLOCATED and have changed some features (like vaccine drone). So this version has some different levels than original freeware game.
And the last step is release on XBOX. One of requirements is full HD resolution. We have spent 6 month to replace whole game graphic, have added many FX and have improved UX design. Levels have not changed. This is XBOX version.


Trailer: Download
Teaser: Download


Download all the screenshots as a .zip (the zip contains much more art than shown on the page). Click on a screenshot to enlarge.

Key art and illustrations

Download all the key art as a .zip (the zip contains more art than is shown on the page). Click on an artwork to enlarge.


Download all the logos/icons as a .zip (the zip contains much more art than is shown on the page). Click on an artwork to enlarge.


This music was written especially for this game to make relaxing mind-flow feeling. A few samples:

Complete OST is now available:


Reviews are very important for us at the current stage. We mindfully watch and read all the reviews, gather the feedback and improve the game! Below are most important reviews for us: