Cold Silence : Press Kit

Cold Silence

By: Half-Face Games on May 31, 2019

Follow the mysterious voice from the radio, fight your fears and reveal the truth!

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Fact sheet


You are a rock climber Hughes, who got lost in the snow. Horrors of your past drive you insane. You have to find help or support to stay alive. But there are many traps and horrifying events. Find eqipment to survive, fight your fears and reveal the truth!

In this platform adventure game you have to play many times in different ways to find the right path and complete Hughes's storyline. Only you decide how every run will end. Maybe Hughes will die? Or will he recover a part of his memory? Or fight his fear? It's your choice!


Dev story

We have started this game at one of the game jams. The jam's theme was "White Silence". The first release of this project was titled "And Then There Were None". It was just a simple platformer with 5 chapters. There were no bosses and just 3 endings.
Few years later we've got a chance to release the game on Steam. But there was a free version of this game already! We had to improve the game to bring to the players a new experience. We decided to add bosses, new locations and a whole new chapter. All of this was oriented to reveal all the storyline of the game to the players.
Also we had a problem with game title, because "And Then There Were None" also is the title of two books by Eric Frank Russell and Agatha Christie. So we've renamed the game to "Cold Silence".


Trailer: Download
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Download all the screenshots as a .zip (the zip contains much more art than shown on the page). Click on a screenshot to enlarge.

Key art and illustrations

Download all the key art as a .zip (the zip contains more art than is shown on the page). Click on an artwork to enlarge.


Download all the logos/icons as a .zip (the zip contains much more art than is shown on the page). Click on an artwork to enlarge.


Music is an important part of the Cold Silence experience! A few samples:

Complete OST is now available:


Reviews are very important for us at the current stage. We mindfully watch and read all the reviews, gather the feedback and improve the game! Below are most important reviews for us: